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this site is not for everyone

Our purpose is to achieve genuine happiness. Since we are social creatures, accomplishing our purpose involves the intimate interacting with others with similar goals. This site is for forming the network that will work towards this end.

We wholeheartedly invite all who are serious about genuine happiness. Alone, each of can accomplish only so much but together our potential reaches towards infinity. Anyone will become truly empowered by participating in the interactive networking presented here. Applying the life changing power of the Word of God is all that was ever necessary but with our high level Information Technology, the Internet and telecommunications industries, everyone can be more easily motivated to realize incredibly unforeseen potential. We no longer have to rely on blind faith to spur our highest callings. The cutting edge of current research reveals evidence that proves Biblical history more reliable than what many previously believed.

Although our focus will always be evangelically Christian, we invite all who will, to come and benefit at this site.

This site is not for everyone, however. Not all individuals are ready to invest what it takes to be truly happy. Take some time to do some honest introspection about where you are emotionally, where you want to be and what you are willing to invest and risk. Are you ready to let go of prejudices and challenge your belief system if necessary?

We are determined and completely committed to accomplish our goals and visions. Aided by the interaction of similar serious minded seekers, we will be even better equipped to present only the most worthy, most accurate and most effective means of attaining meaning and fulfillment in life.

No matter what we do to achieve happiness, however, there are some blockers that will always sabotage our efforts. Some of the most obvious and devastating are poor self worth, prejudice, resentment and unforgiveness. Struggling through life embittered by these cripplers consumes time and energy, attacks self-esteem and blocks our ability to be creative. Our first step, then, will be to examine the best proven method of eliminate these. An awesome task but we have had a head start in this area and we are happy to share. Accomplishing this automatically leads into our second step of envisioning our true potential. Most of our abilities have been limited by a false and negative self-image. We need not continue to settle for what we think is realistic when what is achievable is beyond wildest dreams.

Radical new discoveries in neuroscience dwarf what was previously known about how our brains and nervous systems work. Most of us have only been using an average of ten percent of our capacities. Even more amazing is what may be accomplished when our true spiritual potentials are recognized and unleashed!

So, since you have stayed with us so far, we wholeheartedly invite you to seriously consider the prerequisite mentioned earlier. Are you ready to make a commitment to become truly happy, no matter what it takes?
Realizing that change is threatening, are you ready to risk moving out of your present comfort zone? And, what's most important, are you willing to stick with it when the 'going gets tough' knowing it just might become very tough?

If so, we can promise you results more awesome than you have ever dreamed (Ephesians 3:20).
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